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Museum Note

——He Liwei

On the very occasion of booming economy and cultural renaissance in China, Xie Zilong Photography Museum was officially opened on September 16th, 2009. Driven by his original intention, Mr. Xie Zilong assumes a great aspiration to build this museum at Hexi Yanghu Wetland with an investment of 150 million yuan, for enriching the global photography history and trends and starting up a domestic public welfare undertaking for photography. Hundreds of teams and organizations and over 2000 builders spent painstaking efforts from dawn to dust in planning for two years and constructing for another two years respectively to realize this grand dream and the museum finally rose from the ground with a building area of 10,000 square meters and art museum of 10 mu (1 mu is about 666 square meters).

Photography, invented 178 years ago as a new perspective for people to view the world from, has become a favorite art form for hundreds of millions of people, while the art of photography in China, so far, lacks an authentic top-level palace of photography. As the founder of LBX Pharmacy Chain Co. Ltd., pushed by his original intention to benefit the people, Mr. Xie has made LBX Pharmacy Chain the pioneer of fair-price drug stores in China with his stores covering almost half of China, and successfully listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange. Mr. Xie, a big fan of photography, aspires to contribute back to the society and his hometown, so he put all business income in his photography museum whose magnificence, brilliance and grandeur is second to none in this world. As the private non-profit photography museum of the largest scale, it’s cheerfully responding to the great rejuvenation of Chinese culture.

Xie Zilong Photography Museum, designed by the team of Mr. Wei Chunyu, dean of the School of Architecture, Hunan University, is “the vessel of light and shadow and the ark of art”, aiming to “collect the history of Chinese photography” and aspiring to “to give a world-class museum back to photography art”. the museum, an exchange and interaction platform, blends and presents Chinese and world photography, and assumes the responsibility of collecting and researching on photography as well, with a focus on the discussion on the direction of Chinese photography in particular, to streamline the history of Chinese photography. The museum serves three academic and artistic functions: first, as a database for studying the development of Chinese photography; second, as a place for all schools of photographers in China to have their voices heard; third, as the most valuable exhibition hall for photography education and dissemination in China and even the world. Such numerous and impressive arrays of exhibits undoubtedly showcase devoted endeavors to push forward the development of Chinese photography. Moreover, taking academic studies as the blood vessel, education as its responsibility, the museum, admission-free, enables the public to be exposed to and impressed by the lights and shadows of remarkable pictures and the splendor of humanity, which also elevates social life to a spiritual height.

We Hunan people always dare to be the first. Imposingly erect, Xie Zilong Photography Museum is a case in point of such pioneering spirit in the culture of Hunan people. With the first step made, we’ll be viewed by the world and also gain the opportunity to view the world, namely a mutual connection between the world and me. Therefore, an event significant like this will bring benefits to the hundreds of generations to come.

So much is my note for the museum.

Introduction of XPM

Xie Zilong Photography Museum (XPM), located at Zone D of Yanghu Wetland Park in Changsha City, was founded by Mr. Xie Zilong, photographer, Chairman of Hunan Photographers Association and President of LBX Pharmacy Chain Co. Ltd., with an investment of 150 million yuan. As the largest non-profit photography museum in China, XPM was officially opened to the public for free since September 16th, 2017.

Designed by the famous architect Mr. Wei Chunyu, Dean of the School of Architecture of Hunan University and his team, XPM has a floor area of 10,600 square meters and was made by a one-off cast in fair bare concrete—it’s a return to the essence of architecture and art and a rejection and subversion of the flashy architectural language prevailing today, allowing the audience to feel the art of photography through the building. Of the four floors, the first one is the Art and Cultural Space with Zhinong Bookstore, Zhinong Café, a Japanese restaurant, a multifunctional hall and a water-viewing deck inside; the second and third floors are professional exhibition halls of 4,000 square meters with display walls as long as 1,000 meters, the tallest of the walls is 10m and the longest 40m and with professional German Erco display lighting; the fourth floor is a full set of a top-class Swedish Profoto high-end photo studio and a gallery.

As a professional and high-end world-class museum of photography, Xie Zilong Photography Museum integrates collection, exhibition, academic research and exchange and is dedicated to building a platform for the art of photography in China and to promoting the development of Chinese photography art.